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Spain Empuries 2007

  • Empuries24
    Photos from our time in Empuries, Spain in spring of 2007. Empuries is best known for its Greek and Roman ruins. I was particularly taken by the 2000 year old tile floors in the Roman area.

Spain Barcelona 2007_1

  • Casa_pedrera07
    Our trip to Barcelona, Spain in 2007. These photos includes the Casa Batllo and Casa Pedrera by noted architect Antoni Gaudi.

Spain Barcelone 2007_2

  • Sagrada_familia18
    More of Gaudí's masterpieces, the Park Guell and the Sagrada Familia. Both have been designated as World Heritage sites by the United Nations.

Spain Barcelona 2007_3

  • Street2
    Other photos from our spring 2007 trip, out and about in Barcelona.

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Jimmy Carter: Peace not Apartheid

"...,at some point the Palestinians will gain equality and the vote...".

Like the native Americans(north & south)? This seems an optomistic prespective. I'd like to think it's true.

“Everybody knows what it will take to achieve a permanent and lasting peace that addresses the basic interests of both sides:..."

Everybody? There are few things that everybody agrees on. What about those who lost their homes outside of the West Bank. Was Israel plopped down onto land that nobody called home? What about those who feel entitled to more land for Israel? Those who feel that Israel shouldn't be there at all? What about those folks that don't have enough sense to know what the hell is good for them?

It take very few to keep terror going. I say that if someone tries to kill you, blow their asses to hell, not everybody in their neighborhood.

How about if people stop treating each other like 'the others' and make sure that every asshole has what they need to live comfortably?

How about we quit thinking we know what that bunch of Semites (look it up) should do?

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