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Spain Empuries 2007

  • Empuries24
    Photos from our time in Empuries, Spain in spring of 2007. Empuries is best known for its Greek and Roman ruins. I was particularly taken by the 2000 year old tile floors in the Roman area.

Spain Barcelona 2007_1

  • Casa_pedrera07
    Our trip to Barcelona, Spain in 2007. These photos includes the Casa Batllo and Casa Pedrera by noted architect Antoni Gaudi.

Spain Barcelone 2007_2

  • Sagrada_familia18
    More of Gaudí's masterpieces, the Park Guell and the Sagrada Familia. Both have been designated as World Heritage sites by the United Nations.

Spain Barcelona 2007_3

  • Street2
    Other photos from our spring 2007 trip, out and about in Barcelona.

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We are residents of a closed system. Moving out is not an option.

Climate change, global warming or whatever is it, is happening. It doesn't matter if it happened a million years ago. We money grubbin left wing tree huggin shiftless bible slappin godless dirty hippie right wing gun loving redneck bean eaters need to breath, eat and drink water.

I enjoy driving my big car through the forest to stick my feet in the ocean. Let's keep some trees and sanitary water. I'd prefer that the ocean not rise to my front yard.

Most of the annoying things they want us to do to stop 'global warming' make sense not matter what I think is going on.

Some of us (humans) are living almost removed from nature. Sounds good to me. If we keep doing what we're doing, we're gonna run out of stuff. Let's scale it back so it lasts long enough for my grandchildren to have some.

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