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Spain Empuries 2007

  • Empuries24
    Photos from our time in Empuries, Spain in spring of 2007. Empuries is best known for its Greek and Roman ruins. I was particularly taken by the 2000 year old tile floors in the Roman area.

Spain Barcelona 2007_1

  • Casa_pedrera07
    Our trip to Barcelona, Spain in 2007. These photos includes the Casa Batllo and Casa Pedrera by noted architect Antoni Gaudi.

Spain Barcelone 2007_2

  • Sagrada_familia18
    More of Gaudí's masterpieces, the Park Guell and the Sagrada Familia. Both have been designated as World Heritage sites by the United Nations.

Spain Barcelona 2007_3

  • Street2
    Other photos from our spring 2007 trip, out and about in Barcelona.

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King Aardvark

If you do see a burning bush and it talks to you, or happen upon a choir of angels, how can you be sure that:
a) you aren't hallucinating
b) it isn't some sort of magic trick or
c) it isn't being done by some technologically advanced alien race just messing with you?

I'm an atheist, and some Christian person asked me what it would take to get me to believe, and initially I said what you said: some explicitly miraculous event like angels doing stuff or speaking to a giant omniscient God, disembodied head poking out of the clouds and all. But now I'm not sure if even that would convince me because I hold to a naturalistic worldview and for anything, no matter how messed up, I would immediately assume some far-out but naturalistic explanation.


I see what you're saying. It falls under what I wrote about in my second Religion post, When the Supernatural is Natural. That is, as soon as god starts doing things in the world, such as burning bushes, then he/she/it enters the natural world just the same as everything else we're used to studying and dealing with on a daily basis. For a human of a thousand years ago, we today can do many things that to them would seem godlike.

Still it would be wonderful to see your talking head poking out of a cloud, whether from god or from an alien.

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