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My nom de blog is MusingGreg. Some of the time I'm a computer programmer working for a large HMO in Oakland, California. Other times I’m creating pottery, hanging with my family, puttering in my garden.

I’m going to write here about current events, the madness of the world today, my hopes and fears for tomorrow. And I’ll throw in occasional side trips to the latest books I’m reading, movies I’ve seen, local events of particular significance. My particular interests are science, evolution, politics, and whatever tickles my fancy. Oh, and any writing by Douglas Adams (a moment of silence for his too early passing).

I find life to be endlessly fascinating, sometimes tragic, sometimes ecstatic, always a challenge. I’ve been observing things for the past 55 years and now I’m recording some of those observations here. I’m a pretty liberal person so my scribblings will come from that perspective. And I like to find positive things going on out there. So I’ll try to find something on the plus side to point out at least half the time.